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Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Mercury Rings
by Lee Ann's Fine Jewelry
Mercury Rings MercuryRingsBanner-24

For more than 65 years, Mercury Ring has built a loyal following since it started manufacturing exquisite jewelry, specializing in bridal collection. Now managed by both the second and third generations of the Bergman family, Mercury Ring boasts excellence in creating unique pieces that reflect different lifestyles, tradition, fashion, and character.

Since its founding in 1944, Mercury continues celebrating life's special moments, valuing relationships and family, and translating those elements into a fabulous line of jewelry that every customer will definitely enjoy for a very long time.

With so much dedication and consistency, Mercury has soared in popularity and achieved prestigious awards and recognition from several organizations. Its extensive range of jewelry options such as engagement rings, bridal sets, wedding bands, pendants, wraps and fashion rings are so highly coveted. The beautiful collection, inspired not only by classical design, but also crafted with a modern approach.

If you are looking for a ring that exemplifies elegance and tradition, a solitaire engagement ring would be the best choice. The center head and stone varies in shape or size, set on a band of precious metal. Truly rich in history, a solitaire ring perfectly embodies vintage glamour.

For to-be-weds seeking for exceptional dazzlers, diamond rings and matching diamond bands are definitely a hit. They have been the ultimate statement of lifelong love and timeless beauty. With a wide selection of lofty designs, you can surely find the right jewelry that will add sparkle to your present and future together.

Your choice of metal depends entirely on your taste. Whether you desire to have the 14k or 18k Gold, Platinum, or Palladium setting, Mercury Ring works very closely in just about every casting. Rest assured you can choose the whole piece as to your liking.

Mercury Rings MercuryRingsBanner2-10

As an industry leader, Mercury Ring invests much of the time reinventing designs in accordance with today's lifestyle and trends. It also aims to cater diverse style requests from customers who aspire to have the most intricate and distinctive collection. Clients may order custom design pieces with combination of metals and stones of various cuts, prices and details.

Classic designs with contemporary twist best compliment a woman with a unique sense of fashion, style and personality.

Over 65 years of experience implies superb quality and service. Mercury takes extreme pride as one of the most established manufacturers, selling the hottest masterpieces to retailers and jewelers all over North America.

Widely renowned for its flexibility, Mercury has a lot to offer with every single jewelry tells a whole new story.

At Lee Ann's Fine Jewelry, we are on the mission in making your special day more romantic and memorable through our exclusive bridal line from Mercury Ring. Constructed with the highest quality materials, these engagement and bridal rings are the absolute symbol of eternal love and lifetime commitment to your future spouse. They are truly a masterpiece that gets a lot of character.

Sunday, October 01, 2017
October's Mysterious, Colorful Opal
by Lee Ann's Fine Jewelry

Octobers Mysterious, Colorful Opal As October's birthstone, opal jewelry such as opal necklaces and opal rings, are the perfect gift for anyone born in October. All over the world and since the beginning of time, opals have been adored and coveted. Before opals became the birthstone for October, they were considered so special that they were featured in many myth stories. This is due to the gem's stunning and unique features, in which it changes color when passed through light. Its base hue ranges from a murky white to solid black. Each opal can reflect a range of colors, from red and orange to blue and green.

Octobers Mysterious, Colorful Opal In Greek mythology, when Zeus and his siblings finally won the battle against Cronos, Zeus wept with happiness. His tears morphed into opals and flashed various colors as they fell through the daylight and unto the ground. The stunning and unique beauty of opals not only became a part of Western mythology but Far Eastern religion also.

Octobers Mysterious, Colorful Opal In India, Hindu discusses a disagreement between the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva over a stunningly beautiful mortal woman. To avoid the gods' advances, the woman was changed into mist. In order to recognize her, each of the three gods then gave this mist his own color. Brahma put the blue of the sky and the heavens into the mist. Vishnu made the mist gold. And Shiva put the red and orange of fire into the mist. Once this was complete, the woman transformed into an opal so that she could reflect all of the gods' colors.